Earthing® Patches and Earthing® Bands (sold separately) are great for targeting specific sites on the body

Earthing® Bands and Earthing® Patches are great for targeting particular sites on the body that need extra attention due to injury, inflammation, or pain. Comfortable, durable, and convenient to use in many different settings, the Earthing® Bands and Earthing® Patches are an affordable and versatile way to start grounding.

  • Bands can be placed on feet, ankles, wrists, and arms

  • Bands are adjustable, washable and durable

  • Patches can be secured in place anywhere on the body

  • Patches contain an adhesive with a strong hold


How to use your Earthing Body Bands Video

How do Earthing® Patches and Bands work?

Earthing® Patches have a conductive adhesive on them while the Earthing® Band has silver threads woven into its inner layer.  Patches and Bands both connect to the Earth’s energy via a grounding cord that is plugged into the ground port of an electrical outlet.  Most homes built after the 1950’s have a ground wire in the third hole of the outlet that connects to the ground and Earthing® products utilize this.

If you do not have grounded outlets or prefer not to use the outlet, a simple Earthing® Ground Rod System can be used.


Caring for your Earthing® Patches and Earthing® Bands is too easy!

Earthing® Patches are disposable and should be discarded after each use or after the adhesive begins to wear out.  The Earthing® Band can be hand washed and air dried for continued use.