From the Ground Up is a stunningly beautiful presentation of the magic of reconnecting to the Earth’s subtle energy – the magic of Earthing.  Earthing is a revolutionary yet simple and natural way to support health and healing within the body.  We are meant to connect to the Earth’s energy!  

Written by physician Laura Koniver, MD, From the Ground Up was created to share with children, in a fun and colorful way, the great powers of Mother Earth.  Entertaining and eye-catching for all ages, the book contains text boxes with detailed information for older children and a parent reference section in the back of the book for creative ideas that parents can use to further support the health of their children.  Read this book outside with your little ones and your feet in the grass!  Learning to reconnect to Mother Earth can teach all of us a very important lesson about slowing down & connecting with nature in a meaningful way.  Share the story of Earthing with your little loved ones!

Written and Illustrated by Laura Koniver, M.D.

As featured in The Grounded movie!