Recommended by as the easiest and most practical meter for testing hazardous EMF's in your environment.

The Cornet meter can assist you iN locating and measuring WIFI, cell tower, cordless phone and cellular EMF's.

When using the right meter, you are then able to make positive changes to your environment once you know the precise location and intensity of any harmful electromagnetic frequencies.
Sometimes it's as simple as disconnecting a cordless phone, blocking WIFI coming through a wall, making a healthier decision when looking at a new home, or even changing a hotel room!


6 GHZ Basic RF Meter

Budget Minded, Information Packed Simplicity

Similar to the Basic RF Meter below but with wider frequency range and SOUND!


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This video can help users of Gigahertz Solutions High-Frequency Analyzers tell one type of RF radiation source from another. Here is a webpage with some RF sounds: Acoustimeters also have similar sounds. Surveyed here are: Cell phone antenna at a distance, WiFi unit, cordless phone, "smart" meter, and cell phone.


Doctors groups around the world have spoken up to call for Precaution against wireless radiation and for reduction of exposure, especially on Children, Youth, Pregnant Women and Babies. Medical Advisory: Statements from 14 Agencies on Wi-Fi Radiation and Children's Health Harvard Neurologist Warns: WiFi Radiation can Damage Children's Brain Function This Video: Measuring the pulsed microwave radiation from an iPad with an Acoustimeter.


The Heliognosis EM2 Electromagnetic Meter is used to test phones, a smart meter, a microwave oven and many other devices commonly found around the house.


Helpful instructions for using the TES 593 Radio Frequency Test Meter, by Michael R. Neuert, an EMF Test Engineer with over 23 years experience. Click the video time links to go directly to any chapter...


The ME3030B EMF meter can measure both AC electric and AC magnetic fields. AC or alternating current, is what runs through your homes electrical system. This is why its the ideal meter for checking electromagnetic fields (EMFs) around the home. EMFs are an invisible form of pollution, or electropollution.


Jessica of Stetzer Electric, Inc. demonstrates the Stetzerizer Filter removing high frequency pollutants from electrical wiring.


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