Study Says Grounding Can Make You Naturally Beautiful

Study Says Grounding Can Make You Naturally Beautiful

Plastic surgery and injections are the harshest way to transform your look. That’s why treatments like creams, massage, chemical peels, and dermabrasion are becoming more popular. They work by increasing blood flow to the face and rejuvenating your skin. But, even these options can have side effects like pain and infection, bleeding, burns and even scarring.

Proponents of earthing, or grounding, wanted to see if there was a more natural way.

Earthing for Lyme Patients

Earthing is profoundly healing for people with Lyme, as I and many in the SpiroChicks group have discovered. Aside from going gluten-free in 1999, nothing else has boosted my health so dramatically and rapidly as Earthing. Like me, anyone can enjoy the many benefits of Earthing, such as:

- The ability to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply
- Reduced pain and inflammation
- Feeling of calm

— Alix Mayer