Featured EARTHING Products

Want the best sleep of your life?

  Then you need to sleep Grounded!

Where should your feet be when you are inside? 

On top of a grounded Earthing® Universal Mat is where!

Why are Earthing® Patches and Bands great?

They allow you to target specific sites on the body!

Where should your feet be when you are outside? 

Wearing grounding Earth Runners is where!


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What is Earthing?

Earthing or Grounding is reconnecting your body to the subtle energy of the Earth.

Science of Earthing

Learn how Earthing works and why it is so important.

Health Benefits

Dr. Stephen Sinatra explains some of the health benefits of Earthing in this video.

At Grounded we are passionate about educating others about the phenomenon of Grounding & Earthing.  We are experts at Grounding because we all Ground ourselves!  It is our mission to help you understand how easy, natural and powerful Grounding can be!

Earthing is simple.  Here's how it works!

Real life story from happy Grounded product user:

Since I have been sleeping grounded for a month now I no longer have night sweats and my heel pain is gone. I have so much more energy and never feel fatigue, it is an amazing feeling. I sleep through the night where as before I would wake up 3 times and couldn’t fall back to sleep.
— J.G. Whitelake, MI

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