1. Unpack the box

These items are usually shipped with most products.

How to use Earthing products

2. Check your order

The unique Earthing Connection system you purchased includes one or more of the following conductive products. (Patent No. US 6,683,779 B2)


How to use Earthing products

3. Optional components

These items are ordered separately.


How to use Earthing tester, cords, and rod

4. Safety and product care

Before proceeding to the User's Guide (step 5-8) please read thes important safety instructions:


Safety Warning for Earthing products

Always use as directed. The Earthing Connection Outlet Ground Checker is designed for 120V 60Hz use only! AVOID POTENTIAL SHOCK HAZARD: Use only Earthing™ approved connecting cord with built-in internal safety feature. If your Outlet Ground Checker does not display "correct," do not use the product before consulting an electrician. For your safety, locate any connecting cord in such a way that it does not cause a tripping hazard.


All Earthing Connection products can be washed as needed. Simply wipe down the mat using a non-corrosive cleaner. For the bands, conductive sleeves and bedding products, use a mild detergent. NEVER use bleach or any other oxidizing detergent which can destroy the conductive material. Before using Earthing Connection products, DO NOT apply lotions or oils to the areas of skin that will be in contact with the mat or band.

5. Check for Earthing Connection

How to use Earthing ground checker

Use with 120V 60Hz only!

  1. You cannot use the outlet if there is no ground port. Consult an electrician or purchase an optional Earthing Rod grounding method (see Step 7).
  2. Insert the Ground Checker in an outlet with three ports. If you have a ground (two orange lights indicate "correct"), you are now ready to plug the Earthing product into the ground part of the outlet. If the lights do not indicate "Correct", the outlet is not grounded. Try another outlet or consult an electrician.

6. How to use your products

How to use Earthing products

Use with 120V 60Hz only!

  1. Attach the cord's Snap Connector tot he Earthing Connection product.
  2. If using the Earthing Connection Mat, insert into the Cloth Sleeve.
  3. Plug your Connecting Cord into the ground party of your checked outlets.
  4. Earthing Connection Mat can be used under a keyboard with wrist or forearm contact. It also can be used in bed (See Step. 7), on the floor with bare feet contact or as a pet mat. 
  5. Earthing Recovery Bands come in various sizes. Use around waist, torso, knee, ankle, arm or wrist while working, watching TV or reading. If two bands are used simultaneously for greater benefit, a Splitter Cord must be used. Be sure there is skin contact with the band; otherwise all conductivity will be lost.

Earthing Recovery Bag (shown on reverse) can be used like a sleeping bag, or can be opened fully and laid over bottom sheet of bed.

Earthing Connection Sheet (shown on reverse) should be tucked in both sides.

Any of the products listed can be used to provide an Earthing Connection Sleep System.

7. Earthing Connection Ground Round

How to use Earthing ground rod

Earthing Rod Grounding Method

To get an outdoor ground, find a spot about 6 inches from your house in an area with vegetation. Push the Earthing Rod into the ground 8 to 10 inches deep. Snap cord onto rod. Cover any exposed cord to prevent tripping. Then run cord through a window or door opening and connect to your Earthing product. Alternative: Have a trained technician install a more permanent solution by drilling a small hole through the wall, scaling the cable and attaching a wall plate to the inside wall. This is similar to your cable TV installation.

8. Test your connection

How to use Earthing Tester

You may have purchased the optional Earthing Tester. The tester tests that the product and the cords are functioning properly; it does not verify that a ground is present. Place the Tester onto your Earthing product as illustrated. A green light indicates that your Earthing Connection Cord and product are in good working order. No green light indicates that your Earthing product may have lost its conductivity and needs to be replaced. If you have a green light, disconnect the Tester and reconnect your product for use.