Want the best sleep of your life? Then you need to sleep grounded!

 Genuine Earthing® Sheets allow you to connect to the Earth’s subtle electrical field while you sleep.  

How do Earthing® Sheets work?

Earthing® Sheets are 100% cotton with silver threads running throughout them.  The silver threads provide a conductive matrix which is connected via a grounding cord to the ground port of an electrical outlet.   Most homes built after the 1950’s have a ground wire in the third hole of the outlet that connects to the ground and Earthing® products utilize this.


If you do not have grounded outlets or prefer not to use the outlet, a simple Earthing® Ground Rod System can be used.

How to set up and use Earthing fitted and flat sheets Video

Earthing® Sheets are soft and durable and can be washed and dried.  Easy to care for, Earthing® Fitted Sheets also have a 16” deep pocket giving plenty of room for a great fit.  
There is a wide variety of Earthing® products to fit your needs.  Choose from: