Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. STephen Sinatra

Internationally renowned natural health physician Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Stephen Sinatra about his background as cardiologist and how he came to discover Grounding and Earthing.

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Benefits of Grounding

In this video, Dr. Sinatra discusses "Grounding," or "Earthing," the direct and indirect means of improving health by absorbing the earth's natural, electromagnetic energy."


Watch the Animation to Discover the Benefits of Grounding

in Earthing is a fast-growing movement based upon the major discovery that connecting to the Earth's natural energy is foundational for vibrant health. Discover the benefit of Earthing in this informative animation.


Interview with Top Grounding Experts

Energy expert Clint Ober wants us all to connect with the Earth as often as possible and a growing body of research is showing that doing so can deliver significant health benefits.


Watch the trailer to the exciting documentary "The Grounded"

"The Grounded" is an independent feature film about what many authorities consider "The Greatest Health RE-discovery of all Time". The concept was tested on the people of Haines, Alaska, population 1,700. The movie makes its premiere to mainstream audiences theatrically in January 2014.

Starring Dr. Joseph Mercola, Steve Kroschel, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Laura Koniver MD

Watch this video about the practice of taking off your shoes to stand on the earth.

Some studies have said that putting bare feet on the ground helps to lower stress and inflammation that leads to disease.


This Invisible Toxin Almost Killed Him-What He Did Saved His Life!

Step Sinatra had a job many would envy, but it nearly killed him. He was getting sicker every year but didn't know why. His father is a well known cardiologist and the research he was doing led the two of them to discover the problem and solution, just in time!


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