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Our Mission was started by Dr. Stephen Sinatra as a way to share his research and knowledge about the amazing benefits of Grounding. His intention was to offer a fully comprehensive site that provides information and resources for people looking to "ground". Throughout his 25 years of practicing integrative cardiology, Dr. Sinatra was always receptive to new healing modalities. He met Clint Ober, the founder of Earthing, at an electro-medicine conference in 2001 and was intrigued by the concept of Grounding and the initial positive studies that had been performed. Click here to view the research. After using the products, hearing the testimonials, and personally participating in additional Earthing research studies, Dr. Sinatra found that Grounding has amazing potential not just for cardiology, but also for the healing community at large. For Dr. Sinatra, the most natural anti-inflammatory and the ultimate antioxidant, is Earthing.

Our company, Optimum Health International, L.L.C. was established in 1994 and is located in Manchester, CT. The team consists of a small group of dedicated employees who are passionate about educating you about Grounding and using the simple and durable "barefoot substitutes" we present here at and sell via We are experts at Grounding because we all Ground ourselves! From Earthing Body Bands on our wrists, to Universal Mats under our feet, and Grounded Sheets on our beds, we know the ins and outs of all the Earthing products. We know that reconnecting to the Earth's healing energy is a pillar of creating Optimum Health because we have experienced it ourselves. We understand that Grounding can seem outside the box at first so we always welcome any questions from you. It is our mission to help you understand how easy, natural and powerful Grounding is and to help you decide which barefoot substitutes will best fit your needs while connecting you to quality, original Earthing® brand products at  

What We Do

We educate others on the powerful phenomenon of Earthing and help people find the Grounding products that fit their lifestyle best.  

What is this Grounding stuff?

Grounding is a really simple thing. So simple, it can even be confusing! Grounding simply means being connected to the Earth, literally touching it. It doesn't cost anything; it's free! You have already Grounded many times in your life. Any time you have walked barefoot in the grass or on the beach you were absorbing the Earth's healing energy through your feet. This energy is subtle so you probably didn't notice much when walking barefoot. But subtle is important!

Our bodies know this energy because we evolved touching the Earth. Man used to walk barefoot all the time and slept right on the ground. Being connected to the Earth's energy helps bring us back to our natural electrical state which is vital to our health as we are electrical beings! Connecting to this energy and regaining balance is one of the keys to fostering optimum health. The Earth is quite possibly the biggest "anti-oxidant"; and when we touch it, our bodies are flooded with electrons which our bodies use to counteract free radicals or inflammation in the body. Grounding immediately equalizes your body to the same energy level as the Earth. This results in synchronizing your internal biological clocks, hormonal cycles, and physiological rhythms. The profound effect of Grounding can provide healing, calming and balancing effects on the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

 Earthing® products ( or "barefoot substitutes" as we like to call them, allow you to conveniently Ground yourself when indoors because getting outside to walk or sit barefoot on the ground is a luxury many of us do not have due to our busy lifestyles, or weather that is not permitting. They do not utilize electricity, but rather via the ground port of home outlets, electrons from the Earth are able to pass from the ground wire of the home (or outlets can be bypassed by utilizing a simple accessory – the Earthing Ground Rod System), into the products and then into the person touching them. Earthing® products are durable, safe, and easy to use and clean. Products consist of bands, patches, bed sheets, and foot and desk pads. Click here to view all Earthing® products at  They have something that works for everyone!


Our website aims to provide you with resources that you can use to increase your knowledge of the process and benefits of grounding while connecting you to others who are like minded. Resources we present to you are:

  • for quality, original Earthing® brand products.

  • Learn how to set up, use and care for your products here.

  • Resources: we strive to connect you to other educational sources for great information like the Earthing Institute ( which has compiled the studies and papers written on the phenomenon of Earthing/Grounding.

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