Step Sinatra

Founder, Editor & Chief Grounding Officer


Favorite place to Ground: Between D-Street and Swami’s Beach, Encinitas CA.

I feel most connected to the Earth when I: Am walking by myself deep in the woods or somewhere isolated in nature where I hear nothing BUT nature.

Song I find the most Grounding: The Secret Kissing of the Sun and Moon. by Hang Massive.

“Connecting to the Earth is an

everyday focus for me and I love it!”


In 2007, I spent 40 days in the hospital, and when I got home to recover I was in tremendous pain and struggled to sleep even for a few hours at a time. My father, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, who co-wrote the book “Earthing” with Clint Ober, gave me a prototype grounding recovery bag and asked me to “just try it.”

Why not?!  

So I hooked up the sheets made of silver with skepticism and doubt, yet the first night I slept grounded,  I had the best sleep in a MONTH! It was immediately transformational, and there was nothing else I introduced to my protocol at that time so I was convinced.

I continued to ground religiously from that day on and make it part of my daily routine.  I feel better physically, mentally and spiritually when I am in touch with our planet. No matter where I am, who I am with, or what I am doing, I find time each day to connect with our beautiful Earth.  

So of course I had to start and share the message... I hope you receive this simple and free healing power like I did.


Monica Jones

Creative Director & Executive Tree Whisperer


Favorite place to Ground: Banyan Tree Road in Stuart, FL.

I feel most connected to the Earth when I: Sit by a body of running water and allow all my senses be touched by nature.

Song I find the most Grounding: Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys (imagine they’re talking about Mother Earth!)

When I first heard about the concept of Grounding, it seemed natural to me because I grew up watching my mother, an unapologetic granola crunchin’ bohemian, lay in the grass with bare feet and commune with the Earth! Little did she know (or did she?) that her seemingly eccentric past time had such powerful healing benefits that science is just now starting to recognize.

I’ve always felt an incomparable tranquility when surrounded by nature, away from the trappings of the modern world. Communing with the Earth allows the spirit to slip into a state of timelessness, and as technology ever advances, there’s something to be said for returning to our roots-literally.  

There’s a magic under our feet, the healing essence of our Earth, so I always ask people, ”what do you have to lose by just giving Grounding a try?” Even if you’re a skeptic, it doesn’t get much simpler than rediscovering the ground beneath your feet!