Study Says Grounding Can Make You Naturally Beautiful

Plastic surgery and injections, like Botox, are the harshest way to transform your look. That's why treatments like creams, massage, chemical peels, and dermabrasion are becoming more popular. They work by increasing blood flow to the face and rejuvenating your skin. But, even these options can have side effects like pain and infection, bleeding, burns and even scarring.

Proponents of earthing, or grounding, wanted to see if there was a more natural way.

What is grounding?

Grounding is making a physical connection with the earth. Walking barefoot through dirt, grass, sand or even concrete. Swimming in an ocean, lake or river. Or, using "sham-grounding" techniques like conductive mats, body bands and patches.

Why do people ground?

Many current lifestyles keep us estranged from the earth. We wear shoes with synthetic soles everywhere we go, sleep on mattresses on the second floor, and spend most our time indoors. This lack of connection with the ground leaves us out of sync with the earth’s electric charge.

Grounding brings your body into direct contact with the negative electric charge of the earth's surface. It helps to store up a supply of electrons, equalize your body’s electric potential with the earth’s, and improve your wellbeing.

The case study

Grounding has lots of reported benefits already. Better sleep, less pain and stress, improved thyroid functioning and glucose regulation and much more. But Gaétan Chevalier and Stephen T. Sinatra wanted to find out if grounding can also rejuvenate your skin and facial appearance.

In a study designed by Chevalier and Sinatra, 40 participants were observed either grounding or sham-grounding for one hour. A Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging (LSCI) camera continuously and non-invasively recorded changes in their facial blood flow.

Grounding really works

The results were surprising. Even one hour of contact with the earth did in fact restore facial blood flow regulation and repair skin tissue in the participants. This led to an improved facial appearance and other implications of overall health, like relief from aches and pains.

While further studies need to be performed in the lab, you can test the theory on yourself. Get outside, spend some quality time on the ground and in nature, and look for a brighter and healthier face and overall glow.