Protect Your Eyes with Blue Light Filters

Light is a life force.

It is part of our physical make up, illuminates our way, and outlines the edges of our world. But too much light, or the wrong kind of light, can still be harmful.

Let's talk about how blue light from mobile devices affects our eyes.


Visible light spectrum with precise colors attribution

Fulvio314, Light spectrum (precise colors), CC BY-SA 4.0

What is Melanopsin?

Melanopsin is a photopigment found in mammals that is very sensitive to blue, or short-wavelength light. When blue light is absorbed by our eyes, it sends information to our brain. More specifically, the part of our brain known as the "body clock".  

How does blue light affect us?

Blue light in sunlight helps us rise and shine for our day. But blue light in tech devices, especially during the night hours, confuses our mind and body and disrupts our sleep cycles. It can also cause eye strain, eye pain, blurred vision or headaches when we stare at it for too long.

6 Ways to Protect Our Eyes and Mind from Artificial Blue Light

  1. Blink more. It may sound simple and it won't fix everything, but the more lubricated our eyes are, the more shielded they are from harmful rays.
  2. 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes, look away from the computer. Stare at something at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds or more. Engaging our distance vision can help reset our eyesight.
  3. Skip the computer before bed. If it's possible to log out of the work project, stop texting, or the usual check the Instagram jazz, do it. Our eyes and minds will thank us for healthy REM cycles and less macular degeneration.  Our suggestion….get in bed with some grounded sheet and read a classic novel! 
  4. Try blue light reduction glasses. If skipping the devices before bed simply isn't an option, we can use blue light glasses to protect ourselves. These glasses are usually orange or yellow and although they make you look semi-dorky (or cool) they work!
  5. Download blue light software like Iris. Blue light software automatically adjusts the light settings on our laptops, tablets or other devices as the light warms or cools around us. We can also customize the screen ourselves for color settings, brightness, and much more.  Its fantastic and our top choice! 
  6. Warm hand chi gong move. If you don’t like added tech or software just do the ancient technique of a simple chi gong move. Rub your palms together with some force for about 20 seconds. You will generate heat and Chi. Then put your warm palms over your closed eyes and relax. It’s a quick energy bath for one of your most wonderful body parts! Enjoy.