Many Countries Ban Wi-Fi – But Not The U.S.?!

Is your child exposed to too much EMF radiation?

Kids leaning over their desks taking an exam. Running excitedly in the gym playing with classmates. Standing at the lockers, laughing with friends. Millions of American children spend hundreds of hours a year in school buildings with Wi-Fi. And even though the evidence from peer-reviewed scientific studies proving the negative side effects of these signals is overwhelming, we haven't turned them off.

Countries outside the U.S. are taking precautions, setting limitations and proactively eliminating Wi-Fi networks in their schools.

In 2015, France passed a law banning Wi-Fi from all nursery schools, and lowering the use of it in elementary schools. Even certain universities and the French National Library have removed their Wi-Fi networks completely based on research that indicates the health concerns are not worth the risks. Please read this press release (in French).

From Australia to India to Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Namibia and more, the safety standards are expanding and the Wi-Fi networks are declining.

Hundreds of studies concur that EMF exposure is damaging to our health

Illnesses like leukemia, breast cancer, Alzheimer's disease and more can be traced to cell phone radiation and Wi-Fi. Exposure to this radiation can cause dysfunction across the body, including the reproductive system, immune system, heart function, memory, and more.

And it isn't just people that are affected. Trees are being damaged at a mitochondrial level. Birds and bees have noticeably been affected by the signals. Mammals react in the same way that humans do to RF radiation.


or read on what you can about it right now!

8 simple ways to lower your exposure to harmful EMF’s

  1. Become friends with airplane mode. This is our number one Hack!  If you're not using your phone, switch to airplane mode. Many apps are notorious for constantly pulling and sending data, which leaves you exposed to the signal all the time. If you're on a call, put it on speaker. Use a land line if you can, whenever possible.
  2. Be mindful of your child's exposure. Keep your phone and Wi-Fi routers at a safe distance from your children. Even baby monitors can emit levels of radiation that their bodies aren't developed enough to handle.
  3. Using your phone with full bars is better. The weaker the reception, the more power your phone uses, which emits more radiation, making the radio waves more dangerous.
  4. Store it somewhere else. Don't carry your connected cell phone in your pocket or on your person. Keep it in your purse or bag. Also, never sleep with your phone under your pillow or near your head.
  5. Use a well-shielded wired headset. This will help you keep the phone away from your body while you use it. But make sure the headset is shielded; otherwise the antenna may do more harm than good.
  6. Replace your Wi-Fi. Ethernet cables can work just as well, and then your home will be free of unhealthy RF radiation. If you don't want to replace it, at least turn it off at night, because the base router is consistently sending out a signal.
  7. Ground. Walk barefoot on soil or grass, get in or near running water – even from your tap – or use grounding products like mats and shoes to keep the healing flow of negative ions in your body for extra radiation protection.
  8. Don't worry. Even though this information can feel frightening, stress and anxiety won't help matters any. Our thoughts and feelings affect us too, so it's important to feel empowered and not alarmed. Less mental stress = Feel Good = a powerful Elixir for living a happy and healthy life!  

And now for the Science

The studies below and many others have convinced a group of high profile scientists, including Dr. Martin Blank, Ph.D., from the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics at Colombia University, to make an international appeal to the United Nations. They are also petitioning the U.N. and attempting to influence the powers that be to take seriously the dangers associated with the use of electromagnetic devices like cell phones and Wi-Fi.

Dr. Martin Blank, PhD of Columbia University says, "The time to deal with the harmful biological and health effects is long overdue. To protect our children, ourselves and our ecosystem, we must reduce exposure by establishing more protective guidelines."


Dr. Om Gandhi - University of Utah, 1996

Dr. Gandhi measured the amount of cell phone radiation absorbed by the brain. He discovered that radiation can penetrate a 5-year-old's brain all the way into the inner regions like the hippocampus and the hypothalamus. Because the phone is often next to the ear, the cerebellum can also be affected. The bone marrow of a child absorbs 10 times the amount of radiation as that of an adult. And even children's eyes are susceptible to excessive exposure.


This study called for government regulations of cell phone radiation to be revised to ensure that children, who use cell phones more and more regularly and whose bodies are less equipped than adults to handle the radiation, are properly protected.


The Bioinitiative Report 2012

This study reported on the bioeffects of electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency (RF) radiation. It was found that bioeffects can begin to occur in the first few minutes of exposure to a cell phone, a cell phone tower, a Wi-Fi signal, or smart wearable technology. Bioeffects interfere with the way our bodies normally function; they can prevent healing, produce an imbalanced immune system, cause metabolic disruption, influence fertility, and lower resilience to disease.

The research also links cell phone radiation to headaches, concentration problems, sleep disturbances and more, in both children and adults. Of course, this study again confirms that children are disproportionately affected due to the differences in bone density, amount of brain fluid, and other factors. When radiation penetrates a child's brain during important stages of growth and development, the harm can be immediate or show signs years, even decades later.


Medical School of Dicle University - Diyarbakir, Turkey, 2015

A study, Effects of 2.4 GHz Radiofrequency Radiation Emitted from Wi-Fi Equipment on MicroRNA Expression in Brain Tissue, was conducted on adult male rats, exposing one group to 2.4 GHz RF radiation 24 hours a day for one year, and leaving another group free of Wi-Fi signals. The long-term exposure group showed alterations to the brain and proved that neurodegenerative diseases can be a product of Wi-Fi radiation. This includes damage to the pineal gland, adrenal gland, thyroid gland, and more. The control group rats were not altered in the same way.

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