Park Prescriptions: Medicine & Nature Meet

Getting your next prescription filled might be as easy as a walk in the park-literally! Doctors throughout the country aren't just telling their patients to "go get some air," they are actually writing Park Prescriptions for such conditions as high blood pressure, anxiety and stress. Why? Because the science is undeniable : Nature Heals, plain and simple!

Nature has a profoundly healing effect on our bodies in ways we don't even fully understand yet.

While this may sound revolutionary for US medicine (it's free), the Japanese have practiced Shinrin Yoku, which translates to Forest Bathing, since the 1980s.

LifeHacker writer Nick Douglas travels to the Okutama Forest in Japan to explore the art of Forest Bathing.

If you're interested in learning more and finding a Park Prescription Program near you, check out Park Rx's National Program Directory here.

And with amplify the effects of a Park Prescription even more! Next month we'll be offering our own Rx, so stay tuned...

One of the biggest obstacles we "Groundees" face is finding the right shoes. About 98% of shoes are made with non-conductive (usually rubber or plastic) materials and as a result, block your body's ability to get Grounded. While bare feet will alway be our preference, there are some circumstances where going barefoot isn't possible or even hazardous (in areas where people don't clean up after their dogs, for example).

This is why Grounded shoes, such as EarthRunners bring so much value to the Earthing space. Combining practicality, style and conductivity, Earthrunners are specifically designed to keep your feet protected while still allowing the Earth's vital energies to flow.